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The Hongli Lighting Group Co. Ltd., with its headquarters located in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China, has been in the lighting industry for over 20 years. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life through technological innovations. The company has ample resources for lighting design, development, manufacturing, and installation, etc. The light columns and standards, high-mast lighting systems, streetlights, other types of lighting fixtures and devices, as well as the indoor and outdoor LED lighting equipment that Hongli makes have enjoyed a good reputation in the industry.

Currently, with its production base of more than 36,000 square metres, Hongli employs over 300 workers and staff members, of whom at least 70 are engaged in high technology research and development. The design and the manufacturing teams work hard together to satisfy our clients’ various needs, offering lighting solutions for airports, highways, roads, tunnels, mines, shipping, factories, city landscapes, offices, sportsgrounds, and so on. The company also has a prominent advantage as a provider of energy-saving lighting.

Having established a network of distributors across China, Hongli has extended its markets to a dozen or so countries and regions in Asia, Europe and North America. With our quality products and professional services, we are making contributions to the world lighting industry.

Hongli – Lighting the world!

Hongli, the premium brand that leads China's lighting industry

The Hongli lighting Group is one of the earliest private enterprises in the lighting industry of China. It offers energy saving and highly efficient LED lighting equipment. Relying on the company’s well established system of design, development, manufacturing, and installation, etc., it also provides one-stop services for various lighting needs such as highways, roads, airports, docks, tunnels, industrial and commercial establishments, landscapes, and residential areas.

As a well-known brand name in China's lighting industry, Hongli is one of the largest suppliers of outdoor lighting. Its products and lighting schemes have been widely adopted by famous engineering projects in many parts of China. For example,

    Beijing: The Tian’anmen Square, East Chang'an Avenue, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area in suburban Yizhuang, West Ring Road, and the Liangshui River;

    Shanghai: The VIP InterContinental Hotel located in Zone A of the World Expo Shanghai, Yang’an Elevated Road in Minhang District, and the Pudong International Airport;

    Fujian Province: The Zhangzhou LED road lighting project;

    Heilongjiang Province: The Harbin Second Loop (ring road);

    Jiangsu Province: The Runyang Yangtze River Bridge, the Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, the Suhuai Expressway; not to mention many highway and local streetlights in the City of Yixing where Hongli is located and in the nearby City of Wuxi.

    The considerable progress of more than two decades has brought us high praise within the trade and established us as the leader of China’s lighting industry. 

Hongli technology, the development trend that leads China's lighting industry

The Hongli Lighting Group began to develop and manufacture conventional streetlights, lampposts, lamps and lanterns in 1991, and laid a solid basis for the drafting of the production standards of the outdoor streetlights in China. In 2003, Hongli shifted its attention to conducting research in and developing a LED light source, which resulted in the standardized COB (chip on board) integrated LED modules in 2008, replacing the traditional metal halogen lamps and sodium-vapour lamps. With our patents in the technology of light redistribution and in heat radiation, the COB modules produced by Hongli have the definite advantage of even distribution of light and a stable light source, filling the gap in the application of  LED light in high-mast lighting.

As a leading enterprise in the lighting industry, Hongli’s professional team for R&D always aims at safety, energy-saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection. In collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and relevant renowned universities, the company has won patents one after another, leading the development trend in China’s lighting industry and ensuring its technological advancement in the field. Hongli constantly regards its technological innovations as its own major source of competitiveness.